MoneyCard Launch


Money Card had a successful Launch on the 25th of July 2108. Many banks and organisations graced the occasion and were very excited about the whole innovation and idea about the Money Card system. Students especially  were more excited since Money Card was going to make money transactions much easier and faster for them.

Parents were also happy about the ease and comfort with with  Money Card was bringing to their doorstep.


  • What is MoneyCard?

How Money Works []

MoneyCard is the latest fintech innovation to hit the world of e-commerce. The first of its kind and flagship patented/trademark product of MoneyCard Limited, Ghana. MoneyCard offers individuals and corporate bodies the easiest, fastest and most secure means to deposit and receive money, transact, pay bills etc and have fun with it. Get prompt confirmation messages with deposits and transactions. That’s not all, MoneyCard offers extreme user-friendliness, reaching out to all-regardless of their literacy level, social standing or reach vis-a-vis Mobile texting, Voice prompts, Mobile App, and an online platform.                                                                            

Simply purchase MoneyCard, scratch, then decide what to do with and where to send Your money- your Freedom.