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Easy banking

The biggest headache in banking for business people is in joining queues at Banking Halls. We have solved that.

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We give you convenience like never before.

Who we are

MoneyCard is the latest fintech innovation to hit the world of e-commerce. The first of its kind and flagship patented/trademark product of MoneyCard Limited, Ghana. MoneyCard offers individuals and corporate bodies the easiest, fastest and most secure means to deposit and receive money, transact, pay bills etc and have fun with it. Get prompt confirmation messages with deposits and transactions.

Wow, simply wow. You guys told us about a product to help us remain at our businesses and still deposit money with immediate confirmation from banks/savings and loans or even into MM ccount. Thanks to you

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Legon Tuesday market


We believe in Safety and Security of your money

Customer Friendliness

We believe the Customer is our Friend


Simplicity and Ease of use is our Guiding Philosophy

24/7 Support

We provide support at all times of the day


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What We Do?

That’s not all, MoneyCard offers extreme user-friendliness, reaching out to all-regardless of their literacy level, social standing or reach vis-a-vis Mobile texting, Voice prompts, Mobile App, and an online platform.



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