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MoneyCard Limited

The rules and regulations contained in this document binds all who use MoneyCard Limited services and includes all but not limited to people using our website, downloading our mobile applications, people purchasing our cards and vouchers, our agents or retailers and distributors of our cards. Certain sections apply to all our partners and would-be partners.  It is important to note that by registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading or using the MoneyCard website located at and all associated sites linked to  or the MoneyCard mobile application (MoneyCard App) or any similar platform (hereinafter collectively, the MoneyCard Platform or Portals (run by Menthane Consult) on any device and/or before availing any services offered by Paytm on the Paytm Platform which may include services such as account top up, bill payment, e-money transfer and any other service offered by MoneyCard Limited Platform (hereinafter individually, and collectively, the MoneyCard Services). For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that these terms and conditions shall apply to all MoneyCard Services, whether offered by Menthane Consult or its affiliates.


What We Mean

Find explained the meanings to terminologies in terms and conditions:


“Cell phone” or “mobile phone” means a GSM terminal connected via a GSM radio link to the Telecommunication Company.

“Credit” means depositing funds in your Wallet. “Top up” as used in document means “credit”

“Debit” means the movement of funds out of your Wallet.

“Transfer” refers to the movement of funds from one user account to another.

“Payments” refers to the use of funds in a user’s account for bill payment or for online payments for goods, services, etc

“Agent” or “retailer” refers to any registered business entity that is authorized to engage in the sale and distribution of Mobile Money products and services and or accept Mobile Money as payment for goods & services offered.

“MoneyCard website” refers to the website address

“Mobile Money” refers to the financial services product offered by the Telecommunication Companies in Ghana being a transactional banking Wallet.

“Mobile money number” or “mobile money wallet” here refers to the registered GSM number that has been registered for mobile money services. These wallets are opened and owned by Partner Banks of the Mobile money units of the Telecom companies.

“Bank Account number” here refers to the number given customer as unique identity to enable them assess banking services for all registered customers of the banks

“MoneyCard LLC” means MoneyCard Limited.

“MoneyCard” may refer to MoneyCard scratch cards, MoneyCard mobile application, MoneyCard Limited software or system. It may in a few instances refer to the company MoneyCard Limited.

“Partner(s)” refer to all legal Partner agencies of MoneyCard Limited.

“Pack” means the collection of the User Manual, Schedule of Fees, other documents and advertising material given to an Agent upon successful registration.

“Partner Banks” refers to any Bank that may be signed on to the MoneyCard Service from time to time.

“Mobile phone application” refers to the MoneyCard mobile phone software which users install to access MoneyCard services

“user account” “personal account” or “account” refers to the personal account created on MoneyCard application or on the MoneyCard website or other MoneyCard portals to enable users assess MoneyCard services.

“PIN” means Personal Identification Number being the secret code you choose while setting up personal account on the mobile phone application. It may also refer to the 4-alphanumeric/symbol secret code requested while registering the registered mobile money number for MoneyCard services without which transactions cannot be executed.

“14-digit”, “QR/Bar Code” and “3-digit” numbers refer to hidden numbers on the MoneyCard scratch card

“POS” means a Point of Sale device which is used for Mobile Money and MoneyCard transactions.

“Services” refers to all the services provided by MoneyCard LLC to enable you to use MoneyCard software.

“SMS” means a Short Messaging Service consisting of a text message.

“basic handsets” refers to non-smart phones

“e-Cash” represents electronic Cash.

“User Manual” refers to a document or video with information and instructions on how to use MoneyCard and how to assess MoneyCard services.

“Wallet” refers to a customer’s Mobile Money transactional account which is accessed primarily through their cell phone.

“Wallet holder” refers to the individual in whose name the Mobile Money Wallet is registered.

“We” or “Us” or “Our” refers to MoneyCard LLC and occasionally applied to partners of MoneyCard LLC.


“User” “You” or “Your” means the MoneyCard account holder or user.

“A QR code” (quick response code) is a type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone. In this process, known as mobile tagging, the smartphone’s owner points the phone at a QR code and opens a barcode reader app which works in conjunction with the phone’s camera.


How MoneyCard works

Mobile Money enables its users to deposit money directly into or to top up their linked Mobile money wallets or bank accounts using the MoneyCard scratch cards with various values. Users also get to experience the convenient MoneyCard payments option as well as money transfer services. The scratch cards will be available at designated retail outlets nationwide.

Updates to the MoneyCard software and added features or services will be communicated to users as they happen.


Requirement for use of service

One must be a registered mobile money user, having met all requirements set by the Telecom companies and the Bank of Ghana or the user should hold a bank account in Ghana, having fulfilled the legal requirements as outlined by the Bank and Bank of Ghana.

Foreigners who register for the MoneyCard service should have fulfilled the criteria for foreign nationals owning or use a mobile money wallet or bank account as set out by the concerned bodies and Bank of Ghana.

Minors (persons 18 years and younger) should have fulfilled the legal requirements for owning either a mobile money wallet or a bank account. The guarantors to minors must assist such ones similarly as with meeting requirements for holding either a bank account or mobile money wallet. The guarantor thus is fully responsible for minors assessing MoneyCard services.

Users are required to supply personal and non-personal information as part of the registration process. MoneyCard Limited also depend on verified user information made available by Partners. In the former case, we require that users supply accurate and complete information.

MoneyCard may decline application of user if criteria above is not met using our discretion.

The MoneyCard user account is property of MoneyCard Limited.





Fees and Other Charges

The MoneyCard mobile application and user accounts are either downloaded or created free of charge respectively.

There is however an approved fee or charge on the scratch card value purchased. This charge is mainly for retailer motivation and covers card production and service. The fee/charge is paid as a front margin to retailer by user on purchase of scratch card.

PS: The commission charged on scratch cards is not to be interpreted as charges on deposits. The monies generated serves as remuneration for retailers of scratch cards. It also caters for part of productions cost. The scratch cards and software are inter-operable and can serve multiple purposes. Users have available to them other options for obtaining e-cash on wallets, theirs or for others.

The percentage to MoneyCard will be paid upfront by agents on purchasing scratch cards.

This charge is independent of the extant charges by our Partners on the use of their services by their clients.

MoneyCard LLC makes available the printed charges at all MoneyCard retail points nationwide as well as at Partners institutions.

Find the list of approved charges on our website at


Limits on Transaction

Users should take note that our Partners have limits on allowable daily payments/transactions and balance on individual wallets or user accounts with the Partners. These limits may affect how much of transaction is allowed on user MoneyCard account. Partners advise that for transactions which fall outside the allowed limits, users should visit their offices or service centers nationwide with the followings: Tenancy Agreement, Utility Bill, Income Tax Certificate, Other Banks’ Statements, Employer’s reference letter or Partner Banks.

Users will be able to assess and utilize the available e-Cash in their wallets or MoneyCard user account using any of the provided means for MoneyCard. MoneyCard LLC would however not provide any warranties with our service as the efficient delivery of services depends on both external and internal factors.

The 3-digit PIN on scratch card is detachable and provides added security. Users may memorize the number or store it safely in instances of stolen or misplaced scratch cards.

The 4- alphanumeric/symbol PIN created with mobile application should be re-entered each time mobile application is used.

The registered mobile money number used for mobile account opening or used with the USSD code (*255#) for basic handsets becomes the primary account for transactions and thus all notifications of transactions are sent to same number.

For users not registered to use mobile money services who use our services, the rules and regulations set out by Partners will apply on deposits, transactions and other services by MoneyCard Limited.

Users receive notification message from MoneyCard Limited and Partners as confirmation for successful deposits, transactions or other use of service. If users have concerns on the content of notification message, MoneyCard Limited should be contacted on any of our portals for support.




Retailers of MoneyCard scratch card must be of age 18 years and above. The activities of retailer are monitored to measure retailer performance. Retailers are bound by all terms and conditions. Retailers who engage in unscrupulous activities will be prevented from selling MoneyCard scratch cards.

Retailers are fully responsible for the physical state of the scratch cards and are to report to MoneyCard Limited, faulty, stolen or misplaced cards adding the serials of cards purchased, a national ID and agent code. MoneyCard Limited may replace cards if retailers reasonably provide genuine reasons and proof for a replacement of damaged, misplaced or stolen cards. Scratch cards are to be sold and used once.

Retailers to the best of the abilities, provide education to end user or refer them appropriately where they are unable to answer their questions.

Retailers pay 0.1-0.2% commission on cards purchased and sell for 1% making a profit of 0.8-0.9% on value of card sold.

The scratch cards are purchased inactive and are activated at point of purchase by agent. The cards may also be activated by phone call where retailer verifies their identity. Online activation by retailer is also permitted.

By applying, activating and retailing scratch cards, you agree to abide by all local laws in relation to retailers in this space.

We reserve the right to refuse application for retailing scratch cards



MoneyCard scratch card is not legal tender and thus not to be exchanged for goods and services by users. MoneyCard is not liable for any unauthorized use of the MoneyCard scratch card. The same for MoneyCard services.

Users are advised to purchase the scratch cards from designated MoneyCard retailers who would be readily identifiable. The cards should be used immediately and discarded properly. Users who are unable to use cards immediately should keep them safe. In such situations, the user is advised to detach the 3-digit secret code to render cards useless if stolen or misplaced. Users may then lodge a formal complaint starting from MoneyCard retailer and the other portals provided.

The scratch cards have different serial numbers, different values and different QR/Bar Code. There is an expiry date of 9 months displayed boldly at rear of card with effect from date of production. Users are to ensure that they verify features on cards for authenticity and validity as explained in this document and on the various portals. MoneyCard Limited will not be liable for purchase/sale of counterfeit cards. People involved in such unscrupulous acts will be dealt with by the sanctioned authorities of the republic of Ghana.

Users can use the balance on their synced mobile money wallets, other accounts to make payments, money transfer and access other MoneyCard services.

There is more than one verification on user accounts with transaction by MoneyCard and its partners. Users may receive at least one text confirmation on successfully completing transaction. We reserve the right to decline any Transactions at Our discretion. User account holders found to abuse the system will have their accounts blocked.

Unless otherwise required by law, we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage of scratch cards. We shall also not be liable for loses users may suffer as a result of total or partial use or inability to use scratch card and other MoneyCard services as the efficient working of all MoneyCard services is not controlled entirely by us.

There is currently no cash withdrawal feature. Users may use the various withdrawal solutions made available by our Partners. financial institution being able to verify this online. New updates will be communicated to users as they happen.

If, for any reason, a Transaction is processed that is more than the funds user Account, user will be responsible for paying the outstanding amount. User agrees to pay us the outstanding amount immediately on demand. We reserve the right to automatically debit such outstanding amount from any additional amounts user subsequently loads to their Accounts.

We may refuse to authorize a Transaction if We reasonably believe that user is not complying with these Terms and Conditions or if We reasonably believe that We need to do so to comply with any law or requirement of any applicable regulatory body.

MoneyCard accepts no responsibility for the goods or services purchased by user using any or all of our platforms. All such disputes must be addressed directly with the Merchant providing the relevant goods or services. Once user makes a successful purchase, We cannot stop that Transaction.

A PIN is required to log into the mobile application and website. Transactions made while logged onto either of these portals are deemed to be authorized by user. User will be responsible for all Transactions made after log in using user PIN. Mobile money users will be required to provide PIN for transactions as is the norm.

User may not use any of our products or services for any transaction which is illegal in country of residence.





The scratch cards are valid for the period of 9 months from date of production. Top ups will not be authorized once card expires. Users should contact retailer from replacement of cards. Retailer must return expired scratch cards for replacement.

Users are to carefully scratch silver panel at rear of scratch cards to reveal 14-digit number and QR code. If cards are over scratched or damaged, users should not discard card but present card to retailer for replacement. A used or invalid scratch card is quickly detected by the system with prompt notification sent to user.



Users are required to select a confidential PIN during registration on mobile application and website. This PIN is mandatory and to be used with each login session. Users would not be able to access MoneyCard services without entering and validating this PIN. Users have three (3) attempts to enter the right PIN. The third failed attempt results in a locked user account. In the event that the user account is locked, customers can call the call center to reset their PINs.

Users are responsible, for keeping PIN secret and for all deposits and transactions that take place on user account with PIN and users indemnify us against any claims made in respect of such deposits or transactions. The PIN shall be kept safe and confidential.

If there is strong suspicion that PIN or cell phone has been stolen or compromised, user is advised to contact MoneyCard Limited for PIN blocking as soon as we reasonably can. User however remains responsible for all transactions that occur until PIN is blocked.

In the instance of user raising concern of deposits, transfers or transactions on their accounts which is not authorized by user, the burden of proof would have to be provided by user.

Telephone instructions from user conversation with us is acceptable where written confirmation is not provided. Callers would however give responses to security-type questions as a way of authenticating user and authorization to execute user instructions.

We are not liable when user fails to keep their computer or phone protected against viruses and suffer consequences that affects their personal data. We are not liable for any computer program or code that may originate from our systems and users indemnify us against any claims made in this regard.



If user chooses to close account or surrender scratch cards then all funds relating to it will be returned to user bank or mobile money account after filling required forms which are verified.

The data on user however is stored over a period as explained in the privacy policy which is a requirement for all handling such data type.



Users must keep user PINS as well as scratch cards safe. Users must ensure scratch cards are kept safe. Users must take all reasonable precautions to prevent fraudulent or illegal use of scratch Card.

Users will find a 3-digit PIN on scratch card and must keep PIN safe. This means that when PINs be used instantly, detached and hidden or memorized and destroyed. If users misplace PINS, they should contact retailer or contact MoneyCard for verification and possible replacement.

If user suspects that someone else knows their account PIN, they should change it as soon as possible. Users who forget account PIN should contact Support Team.



We will not be responsible for any loss, costs or expenses whatsoever that user may suffer or incur if something that We are not reasonably able to control, including but not limited to defects relating to user scratch card or malfunctioned user account, stops or delays Us from doing something We are supposed to do under these Terms and Conditions.

If users are affected by an incident which is Our fault, We will only be responsible for the direct financial loss users suffer as a direct result up to a maximum of the balance on user account or purchased scratch card (as relevant) at the time the incident.

If users have acted fraudulently, they will be liable for all losses on user account. If users act without reasonable care including by revealing account PIN number, Account ID or any personal information resulting in losses, users may be liable for them. It is important to keep PIN safe and ensure that user account is logged-off after all usage.

In the instance where user has complied fully with these Terms and Conditions, not acted fraudulently or without reasonable care, user will not be liable for any Transactions or fees incurred on user Account if scratch card is faulty or user account malfunctions. In the event that users do not use scratch card or user account in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or We find that users are using scratch card or user account fraudulently, We reserve the right to charge user for any reasonable costs that We incur in taking action to stop scratch card or user account being used and to recover any monies owed as a result.

We accept no responsibility or liability for a Merchant or third party refusing to honor a Transaction on user account or for failing to cancel an authorization as well as for sale of counterfeit cards.

User account, scratch card top ups and other services will only work when the MoneyCard systems, Partner systems and other systems not controlled by us are working around the clock. The service may experience temporary interruptions with routine maintenance works. If this happens, users may experience difficulty with (a) use of mobile application or website for deposits and Transactions, or (b) obtain information about the funds available in User Online or mobile account and/or about user’s recent Transactions. Users may experience difficulty using scratch cards. We will keep these periods down to as short a period as possible. Users are to kindly notify Customer Services, if there are challenges with using the service.

Our Partners also carry out routine upgrades or maintenance works on their systems and these may also affect the effective delivery of MoneyCard services.

If We know or suspect or wish to prevent misuse of user account We may, without notice, (a) refuse to approve a Transaction, (b) cancel or suspend user right to use account for any purpose, or (c) refuse to replace any scratch card. We will not be responsible for or incur any liability for any loss or damage that user may suffer as a result.

Any fee that could not have been debited from the user’s account due to a fraudulent usage will be recovered with an additional legal interest rate to be determined by head of legal unit.

Any transaction or action from user on user account which triggers a malfunction of the system and requiring a technical intervention will be charged to user.

In case of Fraud or scams, the user must subsequently provide a police report as part of complaints to commence the necessary checks. The user will be solely liable for any losses incurred during this period.



Users agree that we may use their personal data in to conduct appropriate fraud checks. Personal data that users provide may be disclosed to Partners or to sanctioned bodies or law courts, which may keep a record of that information. The processing of user data is governed by our Privacy Policy (available on our website) and the Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 843). By accepting these Terms and Conditions, users also agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

MoneyCard Limited shares user Data with certain some entities outside Ghana. We do this in order to provide certain cross border services.

Users are to verify/correct their personal data to ensure there are no errors. Users may contact MoneyCard Support if further help is needed in correcting erroneous data.

Users will by default receive e-mail newsletters/alerts/notifications about new software updates, product features, events, promotions, special deals etc. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, users agree to receive alerts/notifications on a regular basis. Users who wish to disable/unsubscribe from these receiving the alerts should follow the means provided. Users may otherwise contact our support team to disable the feature.

After termination of user account or service for any reason, MoneyCard holds on to personal Account data for a period as required of data handlers and data processing companies by law.



Purchased scratch cards are to be handled like as one handles cash. When cards are lost or stolen, users may lose the value on the scratch cards. The same happens when users do not keep account PINS protected. MoneyCard won’t be liable in both instances.


If user scratch card is lost or stolen or there is suspicion of unauthorized use of account, or in the case of card damage or malfunction, user must immediately contact Customer Services or support team. In the instance where we rather contact user for confirmation or verification of transaction, user response should be given within seven days to confirm the loss, theft or possible misuse of user account. User will be asked to provide Us with account details or scratch card details in the case of damaged cards.

User will be responsible for any unauthorized Transactions that take place prior to notifying Customer Services.

User may be required to assist Us, our partners, retailers or any enforcement agency, at Our request, in the case of stolen account details, illegal use of account, lost or stolen scratch cards.

If scratch card is reported damaged, lost or stolen and user provides satisfactory proof and details on card, card replacement may be done. The old scratch card would be blocked if it has not been used. A fee may apply.

If user finds scratch card after having reported it missing or stolen, other card details should be shared with Customer care and card reported to nearby retailer or should be destroyed completely. Retailers may have to return card to initial Distribution point for resale and reactivation.         



The purchase of scratch card, use of all or part of MoneyCard services is subject to the fees and charges set out in the Fees Summary. These fees and charges form an integral part of these Terms and Conditions and are subject to periodic review by Us.



Users will later on be able to view account balance and Transactions on the Website using valid Account ID and Password. It is important to keep user Account ID and Password secret. If there is suspicion of someone else using user log details, user must contact Customer Services immediately. User is responsible for keeping account details confidential.

In the case of unauthorized transactions on account, error or incorrect account statement, user must contact Customer Services. Complaint may be accepted as writing or on phone. MoneyCard will acknowledge complaint within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

If user fails to report within 60 days after wrongful Transaction, they may not be entitled to a refund. No refund will be made until our investigation is complete. We reserve the right not to refund sums to user if We believe that user has not acted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.





The content of these Terms and Conditions will see periodic reviews. All changes will be posted on the Website. User agrees to be bound by the current version of these Terms and Conditions as displayed on the Website. Any user significantly disadvantaged by the changes, may cancel personal account in accordance with Our cancellation policy (see section 14). In such situations, user will not be charged cancellation fee and will not be subject to the relevant change during the period between the relevant change being made by Us and cancellation of user account. User must not update their mobile application else they agree to the changes made and are bound by them.



User may cancel personal account without penalty (a) if account has been inactive, or (b) within 14 days from the date of activation. User may cancel personal account at any time after the 14-day period, however a cancellation fee will apply (see Fees Summary). To cancel user account, notification must be sent to Customer Services. User will be responsible for any Transaction made or charges incurred before account cancellation. Once user notification is received, if applicable, We will wait 45 days for all Transactions to be processed and then refund the remaining balance to user Account held by our Partner(s).

We can terminate these Terms and Conditions with user if we give 30 days’ notice and refund any remaining funds to user account with our Partner(s).

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate these Terms and Conditions and use of MoneyCard Limited services immediately if (a) user has not complied with these Terms and Conditions, (b) We have reason to believe that user has used or intends to use the service in a negligent manner or for fraudulent or other unlawful purposes, or (c) We are no longer able to process user Transactions for any legal or security reason or due to actions of any third party.

We can suspend user account at any time and immediately if (a) We discover that any user information is incorrect or incomplete, or (b) if a Transaction has been declined because of lack of available value in user Account.

If any Transaction, fee, or charge applies with account cancellation, user agrees to pay all such sums to Us immediately on demand.

User is no more affected by these Terms and Conditions once account cancellation is completed successfully. User account with our Partner(s) is managed by our Partner(s) and is therefore subject to the Terms and Conditions of our Partner(s).

We may allocate any money received from user or held on user’s behalf to settle any outstanding balance on user account. Where user defaults on user account while at the same time having a credit balance due and payable on any other account with Partner(s), we have the right to apply set-off on the affected accounts if requested by Partner. User will however be pre-informed.

User must pay all our expenses in recovering any amounts owed us by user including legal fees.



We collect and store personal data about users to enhance efficient service delivery.

We are committed to maintaining user data in accordance with legal requirements relating to the collection, storage and use of personal data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 843) and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will not pass user data to any third party other than where (a) We are legally required to disclose, (b) We have a public duty to disclose, (c) Our interests require disclosure; or (d) the disclosure is made with user consent.

MoneyCard Limited employs the services of third parties to provide services on Our behalf which may include the processing of user data.

We may share user data with our partners, credit reference agencies and other government agencies to verify user.

Where required by law, we may share user data to prevent crime, money laundering, as anti-terrorism measure, for identity verification, debt recovery and also for other legally sanctioned reasons.

We may contact user on our products and services. Users who are not interested should inform Us.

If user supplies falsified or inaccurate information, we may record and report suspicion together with any other relevant information.

In the instance where false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be made available to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering and financing of terrorism.

We may check all user data available to us with fraud prevention agencies and other sanctioned bodies. We may seek information about users from Partner agencies to verify user identity. A record of such enquiries will be kept.

Users have a right to inspect the personal data We hold of them; however, this may require that user pays a fee of 50 Cedis only (subject to periodic review) to cover Our administration costs. For further information please contact Customer Services.

User agrees that their information, including personal data, telephone conversations with our helpline as well as transactions will be recorded and stored for record keeping purposes for 5 years from date of closure of Wallet.


Money Transfer Reversals

User must forward written complaint of a wrong transfer to Partner company first and Customer services for MoneyCard within 30 days from the date of the incident in accordance with to Section 28(1)(b) of the Electronic Money Issuer guideline. Careful investigations will be conducted to establish the claim as part of processing the reversal.

MoneyCard Limited will inform Partner(s) to effect reversals of a wrong transfer within 5 working days but not later than 15 working days from the date on which a request was made.

MoneyCard will take reasonable steps to contact the Partner company of wrong recipient within 5 working days of receiving a reversal request.

The wrong recipient must endeavor to respond to the calls and SMS during the 5 days of contact.

MoneyCard will depend on the internal mechanism employed by Partner company to effect reversals or where mandated by Partner, would perform the reversal after the 5 working days if there is no feedback from the wrong recipient.

MoneyCard would rely on Partner company’s internal mechanisms for conflicts resolution in the event of any dispute with any designated payee as concerns reversal of transaction.

In the instance of MoneyCard being given mandate by Partner to effect reversal, the reversal will attract a fee to be determined by MoneyCard and Partner.

We will however not forward a request for or perform a reversal for a wrongful transfer which is reported later than 30 days of wrong transaction.

We will not be liable for any costs or damages whatsoever resulting from a wrong transaction.

In the case of reported death of user and closure of user account, the balance standing in user account of the deceased shall be paid to administrator nominated in the letters of administration issued by a competent Court of Jurisdiction or Executors stated in a will.

Reversals for airtime, mobile money or bank transactions, third party payments and others will be subject to terms and conditions of Partners involved and MoneyCard Limited. Users must visit Partner websites for Terms and Conditions on reversal for wrong transactions.

Transaction notification will be sent to the both sender/initiator of wrong transaction and receiver upon completion of the reversal by Partner or MoneyCard Limited depending on who carries out reversal.




Users who have concerns on how our services are provided them, should forward concerns to Customer service at








User account, scratch card and other items for MoneyCard Limited services are issued by MoneyCard Limited, a registered ICT company under the Companies Code for Ghana with registration number CS286702017. We are regulated by the Payments Department of the Bank of Ghana and with category as Master Agents and not electronic money issuers.

We run agency services for the Mobile Financial Services of the Telecommunication companies, financial institutions who are electronic money issuers and several others. MoneyCard Limited using the MoneyCard software, website and other tools provide a means to mobilize physical cash as a way of introducing the financially excluded into the financial space using basic technology. The MoneyCard scratch card, software and other systems are licensed properties of MoneyCard Limited and are not transferable to anyone else.



The Terms and Conditions employs headings for convenience only and shall not affect interpretation and references to the singular, shall include references to the plural and vice versa. Any delay or failure to exercise any right or remedy under these terms and conditions by Us shall not be construed as a waiver of that right or remedy or stop Us from exercising Our rights at any subsequent time.

User may not novate, assign or transfer any rights and/or benefits under these Terms and Conditions. We may assign, transfer or novate Our rights and benefits and obligations at any time without prior written notice to user. We may subcontract any of Our obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable then such part shall be severed from the remainder of the Terms and Conditions, which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

User will remain responsible for complying with these Terms and Conditions until user account cancellation is done (in accordance with these Terms and Conditions) and all sums due under these terms and conditions have been paid in full.

These terms and conditions are written and available only in English and all correspondence with user in respect of user Account shall be in English. In the event that these Terms and Conditions are translated, the English version shall take priority.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ghana. Any dispute under these Terms and Conditions or otherwise in connection with user account shall be brought exclusively in the courts of Ghana.

Any correspondence we send to user by post will be considered to have arrived within seven days of posting and any correspondence that we send to user by fax or email will be considered to have arrived on the day that it was sent.

We are entitled to send information to user via SMS to the contact cell phone number provided on user account and as amended from time to time. These SMS’s are for information purposes only.

Legal notices from users should be forwarded to:

MoneyCard Limited.

No. 31/A/A643/6,

Railway Quarters

Sabolai Lake

Dansoman, Accra


P.O Box MD 97

Madina, Accra.


User acknowledges and agrees that this agreement will be regarded as having been entered into in Accra and any breach of this agreement will be considered as having taken place in Accra.


PS: The commission charged on scratch cards is not to be interpreted as charges on deposits. The monies generated serves as remuneration for retailers of scratch cards. It also caters for part of productions cost. The scratch cards and software are inter-operable and can serve multiple purposes. Users have available to them other options for obtaining e-cash on wallets, theirs or for others.








© 2018 MoneyCard Limited

No. 31/A/A643/6, Railway Quarters, Sabolai Lake, Dansoman, Accra.

P.O Box MD 97, Madina, Accra.



Last Updated: September 22, 2018 at 13:10 GMT

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