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Who We Are?

MoneyCard believes in the power of the human-will to change lives. We support dreams by coming up with innovations that simplify your life and allows you to chase your dreams. We are changing the world of e-banking and mobile money; using our flagship patented/trademark and first of its kind tech MoneyCard and our open-minded team and YOU!

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How MoneyCard Works

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MoneyCard offers you the easiest, fastest and most secure means to deposit and receive money, transact, pay bills etc and have fun with it.

That’s not all, MoneyCard offers extreme user-friendliness, reaching out to all-regardless of their literacy level, social standing or reach vis-a-vis Mobile texting, Voice prompts, Mobile App, and an online platform.

Simply purchase MoneyCard, scratch, then decide what to do with and where to send your money- your freedom.Money card also allows you after registering to :

•Manage your account(Option to register as many personal bank accounts as possible and mobile money number with a valid national ID and a passport photo)
•Recover My Password
•Send/Request for Money with my account
• Shop online with MoneyCard


Register for MoneyCard
•Set-up MoneyCard Account (Option to register as many personal bank accounts as possible and mobile money number with a valid national ID and a passport photo).
•Manage Account (add or remove bank/mobile money accounts from system).
•You can download the Money card App on Google PlayStore .

•OR Simply text *255# or call 255 to register once and experience true freedom.

Get prompt confirmation messages with deposits and transactions.

Scratch Cards will be available soon.

Sign up Process

1.Fill the forms below in accordance with your preferences with the correct details for easier feedback and communication.

.We will then vet and once your business fulfills our requirement, we will verify your business office and provide you a MoneyCard Certificate to Commence Business


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